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TenderTale has grown so that it's become very difficult and too time consuming to just "cruise the site" looking to see "what's new". This is also compounded by the fact that the timing of updates has also become increasingly hap-hazzard - as spare time and resources (people) to work on the site have become more and more difficult to come by. So this page will allow visitors to check and see what updates have been made since their last visit - or perhaps to note something they'd missed before. The changes are listed most recent first - going back to October 1st, 2006 which was the date the entire site received a stem to stern overhaul. The only changes that will not be noted here are minor corrections (spelling, dates, etc.); and reunion notices - as those are all on a single page and relatively easy to scan.

Date Change Location (link)
1/24/10 Completed Deployments: Key West page Deployments: Key West
7/15/09 Update Emory S. Land page - added many pix. USS Emory S. Land
7/9/09 Update Frank Cable page added many pix, more history USS Frank Cable Page
4/15/09 Add USS Holland Page 2 - 90+ recent pictures inside and out USS Holland Page 2
2/27/09 Update USS Pelias AS 14 page USS Pelias AS 14
1/27/09 General site cleanup - spell check, etc. Site wide.
1/22/09 Updated info on LAND and CABLE transfer to MSC Tender News
1/22/09 Updated Suisun Pictures by Chris Lund - Larger more detail Tender News
10/13/08 Updated Reunion listings Tender News
9/25/2008 Updated Search Indexes Search
4/8/08 Updated Reunion listings Tender News
4/6/08 Complete overhaul and additions to USS Mohican page USS Mohican
3/8/08 Updated Search Indexes Search
3/1/08 Updated "Where are they now?" Tender News
1/11/08 Updated Reunion listings Tender News
11/29/07 Updated Search Indexes Search
10/14/07 Updated search indexes Search
9/30/07 Update "Where are they now?" Tender News
8/22/07 Updated "The Old Navy" Page The Old Navy
8/22/07 Added a poem "The Old Outfit" from "The Old Navy" page The Old Outfit
8/11/07 Added picture (ex) USS Proteus - at the scrappers IX-518
7/28/07 Update search indexes. Search
7/27/2007 Updated "Where are they now?" Tender News
7/17/2007 Updated "Where are they now?" Tender News
4/30/2007 Updated Fulton (AS 11) page - more pictures USS Fulton (AS 11)
4/30/2007 Updated "Where are they now?" Tender News
4/16/2007 Updated "Where are they now?" Tender News
4/12/2007 Updated links page Links
12/10/2006 Fixed and updated the Links Page Links
12/2/2006 Update Tender News and TenderTale Site News News
11/19/2006 TenderTale Change Log added. TenderTale Change Log
11/18/2006 GMS Dam Neck page added Ship's Office, Misc. Stuff, GMS Dam Neck
11/17/2006 TomCat over Alaska; & Feeding Thunderbirds pix page fixed Ship's Office, Misc. Stuff, Other Pix
11/7/2006 Update TenderTale Search Engine Index TenderTale front page
10/7/2006 Larger, better pictures Operation New Life Operation New life
10/1/2006 The "new" TenderTale - complete site overhaul tendertale.com

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