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First is from Frank Cantrell - who has been most generous with his time, efforts and contributions to TenderTale.
Here is what Frank says about it:
"After seeing the pic of the AS-3 in Alaska I went looking for and finally found one I kept from CARL VINSON. The two planes were flying along, the pilot that took the picture simply snapped the shot with a hand held through his canopy."
Tomcat off Alaska
USS Carl Vinson F-14 Tomcat over coast of Alaska

Speaking of "shot through the canopy"... one of my best friends flew a gastank until he retired May '98. One day he was on his way out the door to fly a "mission" and decided to call and let me know where he was going - and maybe to brag just a little. When I heard who he was refueling - I noted that of course he had his camera loaded with film - "ah - no - hadn't thought about it"... Well - Thankfully - Lt. Colonel Bill Neville - pilot of this C-135R Fueler of the 186th Air Refueling wing Mississippi Air National Guard, Key Field, Meridian - did find his camera - and snapped several pics out of his canopy - four of which we share here... BTW - in flight re-fueling was invented by the Key Brothers - at Key Field - Meridian, MS.
Feeding hungry Thnderbirds
Feeding some hungry Thunderbirds - and sending them on their way...

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