The Executive Office

U.S.S. PROTEUS ( AS-19 )

PLAN OF THE DAY FOR FRIDAY, 8 September 1944.

Head of Dept. Duty Officer--Lieut. CRUZE
0530 Reveille.
0600 Breakfast.
0700 Quarters for Muster--Repair Dept.
0730 Quarters for Muster. (Except Repair Dept.) Turn to
1130 Knock off work.
1200 Dinner.
1230 Liberty for 1st Section, expiring at 1800; CPO's--2300.
1300 Turn to.
1530 Liberty for Recreation Section, expiring at 1800; CPO's--2300.
Send ball team to diamond #1
1700 Supper for Crew.
1730 Send for ball team at diamond #1.
1800 Muster Gun Watch.
1830 Movies on the Boat Deck.
1835 Dim out. Turn out all unnecessary lights.
2000 Movies--Second show.
2200 Taps.
2300 Darken ship.
1. The Commanding Officer has designated the present package
censoring room as the ship's voting booth. Voting hours will be
from 1130--1700 daily. The ship's voting officer will be available
in the booth from 1130--1200 daily for consultation and advice to
crew. Loitering in the booth during voting hours is prohibited.
2. All divisions will bundle life belts into bundles of ten
each and turn in to the First Lieutenant's Office on Friday, 8 Sept.
1944. Division Officers will supervise the turning in of all life
3. LOST: One black leather billfold, containing money and
papers. If found, return to FERGUSON, W.J. S1c, 3rd Div., or to
the Executive Office.
The movie program for Thursday night:
Don Ameche Alice Faye Tyronne Power
Commander, U.S. Navy,

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