The TenderTales:

The cold war -
and troubled times
The Original TenderTale. About me growing up - the Navy Way - During the turbulent early 70's.

The reason for and birth of the boomers; How and why traditions of not only "Can Do" but "Perfect is barely good enough" became the hall-mark of the Tender Fleet. How these things came to influence this one young sailor - as it has so many others.

TenderTale II:
The Beginning of WWII
A Tender Sailor serves his country With Pride and Honor The Henry Clay Henderson story

TenderTale III:
The End of WWII:
Tony Curtis is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood. But before he became famous, he served his country as a crew member aboard the USS Proteus. Here he talks about his wartime experience - which took him all the way to Tokyo Bay!

TenderTale IV,
Modern Times - a Hostile World
The early 80's - And the Tradition Continues:
Opposite side of the planet - on the AS-18 USS Orion

TenderTale V:
During War - Even an Auxiliary can find itself in harms way:
During WWII In addition to keeping her brood of submarines at sea sinking enemy ships and protecting ours, the USS Fulton (AS 11) found herself far from her usual berth in rear areas - ordered directly into the action in the battle for Midway - and became quite literally the life line for more than 1,000 sailors.

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