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I enjoy telling a good "Sea Story" as do most sailors - it's part of the heritage. After one occasion when I shared several "incidents" some friends noted that I ought to write them down so details and even entire events wouldn't be lost to time. I'm grateful for their encouragement and help - as that effort not only preserved my own experiences, but also served as the "genesis" of TenderTale - this site - prompting more people to contribute both through personal "tales" and historical facts about their ships and crews they served with. That overall effort has put together the single most complete authority on the subject. Again - though this is indeed the beginning of that effort - hundreds of other sailors and their families and friends are responsible for the content here.

Though I have many references and pictures to rely on - this tale is told mainly from memory - I have attempted to be as accurate as possible - but there are undoubtedly areas where my memories may be more of what I'd like to remember - rather than "the way it was" - but I assure you - though a detail or two have some technical error - this "tale" is true - these things really happened.

I hope you take the time to read all of "the tales" - as they are all written to relate not just the facts - but the essence of that it was - and is - to be a crewmember of a Submarine Tender - "out there - keeping them ever vigilant".

Chapter 1: Time and Tides:   it's the late 60's - For a "cold" war - things sure are hot...
Chapter 2:Detour...     not the "real" thing
Chapter 3:Just what is a "boomer"?   ...this country can get it's act together
Chapter 4: End of Detour:    So this is the "real" Navy...
Chapter 5: Potholes - and other hidden surprises
Chapter 6: Loose Ends and Tale-end

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