Deployments - Escort and other duties

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A Navy Ship is - above all things - a Navy Ship. While that may sound simplistic, it isn't meant to be - nor is it in reality. A Navy Ship may have a primary task assigned - and may even be purpose designed, built and (usually) deployed. But when needed - any Navy Ship - from humblist service craft - to the mightiest Capital Ships - may receive orders to deploy in order to accomplish something totally unrelated to their primary duty.

Many, many times over the past 100 years - ships whose primary duty was to tend Submarines (the ships to which TenderTale is dedicated) have been order to perform duties ranging from routine yard or fleet tug activities - to heart stopping "intervention" or rescue duty. TenderTale V is about one such incident - when USS Fulton was ordered into the Battle for Midway in order to free up Nimitz's capital ships for continued battle - and see to the rescue of USS Yorktown's crew. While that incident is a shining example of the versatility of Navy Ships and crews - it is by no means the only time such an incident has taken a submarine tender into "harms way"; and certainly - the use of a ship for some "mundane" task outside of it's "usual" assignment is more common than one might think. It might be useful here - then to remind ourselves that the very business of "Submarine Tending" came about as colateral duty imposed on ships whose primary task was often entirely unrelated to the early boats. Sometimes tasks that might at the time seem unimportant and a major pain in the fantail - may in fact be very important in the "big picture". That's the purpose of this chapter - to cover some of those "other" things Submarine Tenders have done from time to time.

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