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USS Aegir AS 23

USS Aegir - Just after Launch at Ingalls Shipbuilding
Photo courtesy Ingall's Shipbuilding
Scanned / provided Frank Cantrell

USS Aegir Patch
(tons Laden)
16,500Built / Launched3/31/1943 / 9/15/1943
Length492' 6"Built ByIngalls Shipbuilding Co.,
Pascaoula, Miss.
Beam69' 6"ClassAegir
Draft27' 0"Commisioned1943
Speed (rated)18.4ktsDecommissioned1946
Compliment1,460DispositionSold, Scrapped

Aegir (AS-23) was laid down on 31 March 1943 under a Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 856) by Ingalls Shipbuilding Co., Pascaoula, Miss.; launched on 15 September 1943; sponsored by Mrs. James A. Sweeney; acquired by the Navy and placed in temporary commission on 20 November 1943 for passage to her conversion yard; turned over to the Todd Ship Yards Corp., Brooklyn, N.Y., for conversion to a submarine tender on 3 December 1943 and simultaneously decommissioned; and placed in full commission at Brooklyn on 8 September 1944, Comdr. A.L. Prosser in command. In early October, Aegir reported to New London, Conn., for shakedown.

On 23 October, the tender got underway for Pearl Harbor via the Panama Canal and San Diego, Calif. She reached Hawaii on 18 November and was assigned to Submarine Squadron (SubRon) 24. Aegir traveled to Midway later that month. She remained stationed at that island until 1 September 1945. During this period, Aegir furnished refitting and tender services to the submarines of SubRon 24.

Aegir returned to the west coast of the United States on 11 September and was moored at the Mare Island Naval Ship yard. There, she furnished services to submarines awaiting decommissioning. Aegir was laced out of commission, in reserve, at Mare Island on 18 October 1946 and remained inactive until her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 June 1971. The ship was sold on 16 May 1972 to the National Metal & Steel Co., Terininal Island, Calif., and scrapped.

USS Aegir in her "war paint"
Photo courtesy Frank Cantrell
USS Aegir servicing several subs during WWII
History from the Dictionary of American Fighting Ships.

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